For the travellers all across the globe, Turkey is an increasingly popular destination due to the beautiful contradictions, the perfect marriage between natural phenomena and man-made wonders, besides Eastern heritage and Western urbanization. Below are the some reasons, guaranteeing a visit to Turkey right away – be ready to awaken your mind and for a remarkable experience of a lifetime.

1.Historical Wonders

A mention of Turkey will characteristically bring to mind images of the impressive Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque with the skyline of towering minarets both in Istanbul and also other cities of Turkey. These mosques are steeped in art, history and tradition as architectural masterworks of the Ottoman Empire.  

Moreover Turkey has so many ruins from ancient civilizations. From the West; Troy and Ephesus to the East; Cappadocia’s monasteries and cave churches besides statues on Mount Nemrut, these blasts from the past provide a glimpse into the historical wonders that makes up Turkey.

2. Mysterious Natural Landscapes

Turkey’s one-of-a-kind natural landscapes will take your breath away as well as boast architectural marvels. The sparkling white travertine terraces of Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) are reminiscent of a glacier on ancient rock, while Cappadocia’s fantastic fairy chimneys and colorful valleys make for otherworldly views. 

Turkey’s abundant mountain ranges are also scenery to consider, with stunning snow-capped peaks in winter, and playing host to exciting wildflowers and lush plants in spring.

3. Unforgettable Experience, Hot Air Balloon Riding in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, probably is one of the most popular spots in the world for hot air balloon riding and the hot air balloon is known as the characteristic of the Turkish travel experience. Soak in the captivating sight of the sunrise and strange landscapes below as you drift over gorgeous valleys and rock formations. Or alternatively you may still make your way up a hill to watch the balloons take off and soar into the skies in all their colorful magnificence.

4. Delicious Turkish Food

Turkish food has delicacies, including a flavorful blend of Middle Eastern, European, Asian and African influences. Bread varieties are a large part of the Turkish diet, as the freshly baked simit (Turkish bagel), pide or lahmacun (Turkish pizza). The wide variety of kebabs as shish kebap, doner kebap, shashlik, izgara köfte, çöp kebap and others definitely satisfy the meat-lovers. Vegetarians may choose mezes (if they like milk or cheese), rich olive oil dishes, rice or pasta. No wonder, all meals are finished with some Turkish tea or coffee, followed by some sweets in the form of baklava! 

5. Turkey Bustling Markets

Grand Bazaar is a bustling market where brace yourself for sensory overload as you bask in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Hand-painted ceramics, colorful mosaic lanterns, exquisite antiques goods attract people even who think to buy nothing! Alternatives of these bazaars exist not just in Istanbul but also throughout Turkey, giving plenty of chances to buy more trinkets and souvenirs. The shopping never ends in Turkey, so good luck bargaining in this exciting shopping experience!

6. Outstanding Hospitality

One of the exciting parts about travelling is meeting the locals, and the Turks are probably the best in hosting in the World. Warm smiles will greet you as you stroll down the streets, accompanied by children who are so interested in speaking with you with their little English. Turkish families, who are living in the smaller towns in Anatolia, are as if they are in a league of their own in hospitality – they consider you one of their own! There is no language barrier with preparing some wild gestures, add in a dash of awkward laughter and finish it off with a friendly hug!

7. Rustic fascination in off-the-beaten destinations

When it comes to exploration, the best charms are often found off the beaten track, and Turkey has many. Get transported back in time when you stop at Safranbolu to see traditional Ottoman houses (UNESCO World Heritage Site), get pleasure from the picturesque panoramic views of the sea from Assos, on the top of the hill, and experience a change in scenery with the countryside of wineries and fruit orchards, which Sirince village has to offer. 

8. Where East meets West

Turkey’s geographic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it an enchanting case of East-meets-West. The Bosphorous strait that divides the Europe and Asian sides of Turkey quite literally straddles both continents, a mere ferry ride away from each other. For every urban skyscraper there is an Ottoman mosque or ancient ruin; for every Zara or Burberrys there are locally-produced rugs, bags and handicraft that features traditional Anatolian motifs; for every McDonalds or Pizza Hut there is restaurant serving Mediterranean food with Oriental-influenced Turkish music playing in the background and for every Starbucks and Café Nero there is Turkish coffee shop where mostly elders playing backgammon. Nowhere else in the world does the amalgamation of Eastern and Western cultures come to life as it does in Turkey.

9. Mediterranean Coast Line

Tucked in the south-western corner of Turkey is the Turquoise Coast, involving thousands of miles of shoreline widening across major towns such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Antalya. Bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Coast presents Mediterranean blue waters and unspoiled sandy coasts to make the ideal beach getaway. The backdrop of wooded slopes and rocky cliffs make it easy to enjoy panoramic views of the seascape, specifically as the skies turn into a kaleidoscope of colors throughout sunset. Adventurers are also in for a delight; paragliding, kayaking and diving that are some available activities.

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